Shutting Down

I can't shut it out, the worlds volume has been cranked up and it hurts. It's to bright, to loud to confused. Smells mixs with images which in turn encompass sound, then my skin feels like even the air moving passed it is like sand paper. I'm hot and cold, then it seems to all … Continue reading Shutting Down

Theresa May, Mental Health and Resilience…

I have mental health difficulties and need support. Not to be treated like a second class citizen.


This week has seen Theresa May shouting her mouth off about “Mental Health” – Apparently, the problem is stigma, and we all need to talk about our mental health and all will be well with the world (That’s a trap by the way)

I could write for a long time about how utterly offensive I find it for the leader of this government, and this particular party to dare to isolate “mental health” as an individual, personal problem that many of us just happen to have, that occurs in isolation from the socio-political context for which they are directly responsible. I won’t do that – not too much anyway. I’m actually getting quite bored of reviews, and IAPT, and “parity of esteem” and however many shades of “doing nothing while making it look like we’re doing something so that we can shut up those who criticise us and make the…

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Don’t Keep it in, let it stim.

The clock ticks, its sound is invading the space around me and slowly crawling inside my head. Tick, Tick, Tick Knock, Knock, Knock Bang, Bang, Bang I can feel it now, like a constant rhythm banging inside my head. I can still hear the voice but it's disappearing, melding with the bang. The other voices … Continue reading Don’t Keep it in, let it stim.

The Day the Whirring Stopped

I don't know how it is for everyone else but for a long time I thought it was the same for them as it is for me. For me it doesn't stop, it spins and shifts in different directions creating webs of patterns, linked by varying hues. The demand for constant input, the never ending … Continue reading The Day the Whirring Stopped

Is there a middle.

For the last few years it's been a bit of a battle in general but that doesn't always translate to bad. So you find out that your Autistic, you now have a name that explains that sense of being different, other. Surely that's it? You now know who you are, you can tell others, share … Continue reading Is there a middle.

My Journey to a diagnosis

This story starts in my childhood, with the struggles I and many people who knew me faced each day with my difficulties and the resulting behaviours. Back then I just thought I was naughty and a bad person, a view that was fairly common, but not held by all. I was lucky to have parents … Continue reading My Journey to a diagnosis