So its time for part 2 of my list of things I like, try and bare with me through this as some might be a little left field. Firtst up.


My Pillow

Now remember I said some were left field, this one comes with a history, I am 41 years old and have never had a pillow that I like. They have all had two significant issues, they all collapse in the centre no matter how much time you devot to plumping and after about 10 minutes they they all start to super heat your (my) head. This has resulted in inovative pillow stacking and rotating through the pillows until I get off to sleep. This is where the next set of issues kicks in, well one issue that is compounded by sensitivity to sound and light. Sleeping has never been easy no matter how tired I am. It isn’t like it took 20-30 mins to get off to sleep, no usually a couple of hours on a good night more often three and then some when I just didn’t sleep. Having hours to study and evaluate a pillow can make one a little picky and able to take note of every flaw.


This is what it was like forever, I was going through a lot of pillows and it starts to cost quite a bit of money and I wasn’t buying cheap pillows. Then this year I bit the bullet and stumped up for a very expensive pillow (in my opinion). So having found a deal I handed over £100 for two pillows and then only because I was promised that if they collapsed in the centre in less than a year they would replace them or give me my money back. This pillow was like nothing I have used before with a padded outer cover and a filling of memory foam blocks, the first week left me thinking I’d made a huge mistake as it was incredibly hard. It did then started to soften but it never collapsed. It is an absolute dream of a pillow and I love it and the icing on the cake it has technology thats apparently regulates your body tempreture, all I know is no more super heated head. I can not say this enough I love my pillow and have slept better in the last couple of months than ever. If your interested it’s a TheraPur  Actigel pillow.


Fidget Toys

First thing to say is I have quite a few of these and share them between my home office and work office.

Small selection of fidget toys

Now I love all fidget toys from fidgets (a sealed mesh tube containing a marble) to fidget cubes and the fidget dodecahedron pictured above. These are all great but they don’t compare to spinners, for me these are the one I won’t leave home without. I love watching them spin, it’s like the spin creates a vortex that pulls you in then it starts to slow and everything slows with it. It’s incredibly relaxing. If you hold it vertically you can feel the resistance of the gyroscopic effect from the spin which is also very pleasing. I would recommend these to anyone but find that having a selection available means I can meet a lot of my stimming needs.


A word of warning though whilst for me I find these really very helpful and pleasurable they are not in my experience a replacement for more overt stimming. When things are difficult I find that fidget toys give me extra time before a meltdown/shutdown. Other things to take into account are that fidget toys a popular with lots of people and they quite often want a go, I keep spares and set ground rules during meetings as I have found others will pick them up and fiddle with them. The last warning I would provide is the spinner are very solid, if like me you get a little to excited when spinning then you may find (again like me) that you end up bruising the pad of your favoured spinning finger.



I love all science and whilst I would never claim to be an expert I particularly love doing experiments with the kids I work with. The wonder that comes from them realising they can do something they thought impossible and the fact that they always follow this wonder with the question “how”.


This week I had the privilege of running science sessions for a morning, 5 sessions with 5/6 children in each and 5 experiments three for them to do, one to watch and a challenge to go away with. The theme was air pressure and weather, we stabbed potatoes with straws, created a vortex in a bottle and made fake snow. Ok so fake snow has nothing to do with air pressure but it is fun to make particularly if you make it fluorescent. We then made a cloud in a bottle, most people have no interest in how clouds form but when you tell them you are going to make one in a bottle and then make it disappear again suddenly its more interesting and then when you do it almost everyone wants to know how you did it, thereby learning how clouds are formed. Science is awesome, fun and very exciting. Check out the Backyard scientist on you tube for funky experiments that most of us shouldn’t try at home.


I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to hear about the things you love.


Aspie and Proud

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