How I untrained my system from #autistic rage

I CAN Be Autistic

clouds of storm with sunset
So, yeseterday, I discussed how autistic folks can get so acclimated to outrage and fight-flight responses, that our systems become inclined to treat a lot of stuff like a threat, when it’s not. And we can react with intense self-defensiveness towards others who don’t actually mean us any harm… which doesn’t really help anything or anyone, including us.

I should know. I didn’t go into it much before, but once upon a time, I was pretty tightly wound, and I took just about everything unexpected as a threat that I needed to fight and overcome, even dominate. That worked well for me in the workplace, where that sort of behavior is rewarded. Everybody loves an independent contributor who’s “all over it” and attacks problems and challenges like they’re a mortal enemy which must be subdued.

But lemme tell you, it did a number on my nerves. And it made me…

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