I woke this morning and got up after the alarms I had set had gone through their set series of different sounds and pieces of music. I hadn’t slept much during the night, a lot of it was devoted to thinking about the meeting I had today with people I have never met, in a place I have never been to. Today I’m supposed to be the expert in my field, the one with the the answers. Today is not a day for being or looking Autistic. When you add to this it’s the one day a week I work for 14hrs straight, I know it’s not going to be good, it’s going to be a day that depletes all of today’s spoons and most of tomorrow’s. I fact I’m writing this now on the way to the meeting plugged in (headphones in and listening to music) so that I can reserve as much energy as possible. I’m lucky that today I’m traveling with a colleague that understands.

Any way I digress, There I was dreading the day when Captian Pickard says “space the final frontier”, it’s the text alert on my phone. My wife is texting me to let me know it’s icey out. GREAT COLD AS WELL, ARGH.  Then there it is again “space the final frontier”, ” it’s foggy as well”. For some this may not be good, for me it was like “Yes, Yes Yes”. Foggy days equal slightly muted days. I still have to deal with everything else today, it’s still going to be grotty but for some of it things are going to by duller, less bright and hidden. Here’s to finding the happy in each day.

Aspie and Proud

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