DISCLAIMER Do not read past this point if you think people suffer with or from Autism, if you believe that Autistics are damaged or lost or if you think that there should be a cure and a program to eradicate autism. Everything below is my satirical take on a popular message spread about Autistics and there families.

Thank you http://www.anonymouslyautistic.net/ for sharing info on Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder we really do need to do something for those living with NTSD. Let me share the experience of my Brother and Nephew who were touched by NTSD.

Back in 2002 my brother and his wife found out they were pregnant, they had been trying for sometime and were overjoyed. 9 months later my brothers wife gave birth to a beautiful and perfect baby boy. The first months of his life where perfect and whilst it was tricky at times as it is for everyone. They were happy together as a family. Benny was everything you could want and developing normally. He didn’t use language to communicate but sounds instead. When he was with the other babies he played on his own or preferred to play one to one with an adult rather than with the other babies. His behaviours were repetitive and he was entirely dependent on a structured routine and would get upset if this was disturbed. He was sensitive to different sensory input and seek sensory input mainly through his mouth. The greatest joy he had was rocking back and forth, in arms a cradle or the special chair my brother bought him. He was growing up to be a beautiful Autistic.

Then it happened, he started to show interest in others, smiling and maintains eye contact. Before we knew it he was playing alongside and then to our horror with other children. He sptopped rocking or wanting to be rocked, would flit from one activity to another and even started to ask to try new things. We knew something was wrong, it was like someone had stolen my nephew. We have to find away to stop this from happening to others and to find our children inside the NT shell. If we raise awareness make sure everyone knows of the terrible plight of our children and the terrible impact Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder has on families then can find a cure and eradicate NT.

All the names and facts have been changed, to make a point and protect the innocent.

Aspie and Proud.

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